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    Jet Wash Screens

    Have you ever wondered when you go to a car wash why on some forecourts Jet wash screens have been erected?

    Because this type of car wash has a high powered stream of water, it is possible that grime, dust and sharp objects can be sprayed from one bay to the other causing your neighbour to become wet and his car scratched. For this reason we have developed these screens, for your garage it is an effective and relatively cheap way of ensuring that there will be no complaints from your customers about any nuisance when they are washing their vehicles.

    These structures are made out of aluminium which is very durable and has a long shelf life. For this reason we give all products made out of this material a ten year guarantee. The aluminium is powder coated so the structure does not have to be repainted and is very low maintenance.

    Because the structure is very light the screens can be repositioned easily if you need to redesign your space in the future. All products on our website are manufactured by us with the help of the latest machinery. We will install any structure on site.

    When you log on to our site you will see a few examples of screens that were erected by us for other clients. You do not have to copy them as we will design your car wash bay to your specifications. Apart from side screens you might also want to install a roof to your space in case of foul weather. In this case we would suggest a Perspex roof for extra light.

    This will keep the cars free of debris when they are being cleaned by their owners. Installing such a covered facility will encourage car owners for miles around to come to your garage as your facility offers more protection in rainy weather, especially in the winter months.

    Please remember we offer a FREE site survey for your peace of mind.