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    Struggling for more classroom space??

    If you've been wondering how to make the most out of your outdoor spaces, we can help you focus your thoughts. Your grounds are a fantastic and frequently underused resource. We recognize space in schools is at a premium and we have a solution to the problem.
    Increase learning, play opportunities and also incorporating quiet time for the children.

    Improve the environment for children and staff alike, ensuring a better, happier place to be and developing a positive, caring ethos.
    Provide an environment for physical activity, improving health, well-being and motivation to learn.

    Outdoor Canopy
    An outdoor space which is safe, secure, robust and requiring little or no maintenance. Flexible in design to meet your exacting requirements for children to work, learn & play in.
    Outdoor Teaching Area
    Dining Area
    Quiet Area
    Children's Playground
    Parent Waiting Area
    Children's safety comes first and if required we can fit padded post protectors to the legs of the canopy. Waterproof and easy to clean they come in a range of bright and fun colours to complement your school. The roof of the shelter is glazed with UV stable polycarbonate to protect the children from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

    Bespoke Canopy Shelter Designs
    After a detailed consultation with each client regarding their specific requirements, our drawing team can produce an individual 3D drawing designed to meet all your requirements and allowing you to have considerable input into the finished product.

    Please remember we offer a FREE no obligation site survey for your peace of mind.