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CP16 Canopy (CP01)

  • Car Port CP16

B&C Shelter Solution’s Canopy System has been designed with some ingenious features that are listed below, and are ideal for carports, walkways, playgrounds and many more applications.

  • Offered here in the most popular sizes in plain aluminium finish as complete lean-to sets, the system has the versatility to do much larger areas.
  • Strong all aluminium framework construction.
  • Strong 16mm Polycarbonate haze sheets giving protection and shading.
  • Hidden integral gutter to beam and support legs that;
    – Reduces the space required for the structure.
    – Reduces the cost as guttering does not have to be added.
    – Stops the damage of the plastic gutter and pipe in high footfall areas.
  • Beam can be used as a box gutter against a wall.
  • Bar cavities so electrics can be run internally.
  • Simple fixing systems for speed and ease of installation.
  • Wall plates that can be bolted together to create a ridge section, ideal for freestanding structures.
  • Eaves Beams that can be bolted together to form valley gutters, ideal for freestanding structures.