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Bespoke School Canopies – Wrexham

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We were asked to produce five canopies for a large primary school development in Wrexham. The brief indicated that two of the canopies could be fixed to the building itself whilst the remaining three must be cantilevered and not intersect or interfere with the build. We came up with a reverse cantilever hard cover canopy that floated directly above the existing guttering and allowed rainwater to be collected at either end of the roof section.



2016-11-24-PHOTO-00000115 [edited]

The two fixed canopies where positioned above the exits to the playground area and fixed to the building using bespoke wall brackets. Each leg of the five canopies was covered with childsafe post protectors to ensure a clean and safe finish.

2016-11-24-PHOTO-00000119 [edited]

2016-11-24-PHOTO-00000116 [edited]