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Bench Seating

  • Bardot Timber Seat



Example of a Bardot Bench

Our Benches come in a variety of types and coatings: 


Bardot Bench: Length 2000mm. Height 735mm. Width 490mm. Hardwood timber slats. Cast Iron Support ends.

Eastwood Seat: Length 2000mm. Height 460mm. Width 480mm. Hardwood throughout. Surface mounted.

Willis Bench: Length 2000mm. Height 450mm. Width 450mm. Hardwood timbers. Surface Mounted.

School Bench: Length 1800mm. Height 450mm. Width 450mm. Softwood timbers. Galvanised and Powder coated supports. Surface Mounted.

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Anti Vandal Bench

Anti Vandal Seat RenderSchool Bench RenderIMG_0211